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Sort MP3 music easily with MP3 Music Sorter. All your MP3 music will be sorted
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MP3 Music Sorter
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6 May 2008

Editor's review

Maintaining a steady collection of our favorite collectibles is something many of us love to do and keep them protected from prying eyes. Now whether the collection comprises some rare coins or stamps or simply a rare edition of comics and cult movies or games, it depends on individual interest and desire. Music remains by far as one of the vastest and enhanced collection anyone can have with the best thing about them being that they are easily shareable with friends as individuals can always exchange and enjoy the music as they feel like. Musical tracks stored up in varied formats, mostly MP3 become difficult to manage and sort, particularly when it comes to storing them and sorting them, but with the help of MP3 Music Sorter 6.80 it extremely simple and easy.

MP3 Music Sorter opens with a vibrantly organized interface with the chief options placed at the top panel and the main screen displaying all the features for organizing and managing the musical tracks as desired by the user. This speedy and qualitative utility enables the user to organize and rename the tracks and select the ways to sort the musical tracks as desired using just few mouse clicks. This automated utility works as a simplified and user friendly tool and offers as many options to sort the music by any choice like by genres, by album or even by artist names. The program works on all platforms to sort thousands of musical tracks on a computer system or notebook or simply on CD or DVD disks and also supports all MP3 formats. It even works easily on music, photos and videos amongst other varied media.

To conclude, MP3 Music Sorter 6.80 certainly proves to be one of the most enhanced and suitable musical programs with useful features and tools and hence gets a rating of 3.5 points for its impressive working.

Publisher's description

Sort MP3 music easily with MP3 Music Sorter. All your MP3 music will be sorted, fast and qualitative, with MP3 Music Sorter. MP3 Music Sorter automatically sort, organize and rename all your MP3 music - exactly as you want. There is variety of MP3 music sorting methods - you may select how to sort your MP3 music with one mouse click using user-friendly Wizard.
Full automatic MP3 music sorting (you do not need to do anything - all is done for itself) + Sort MP3 music exactly as you want (sort music by artist, by genre, by album or somehow else - more than 986 MP3 music sorting methods supported) + Sort All your MP3 music, even of rare types (more than 684 music formats are supported) - It is all about MP3 Music Sorter! MP3 music sorting never was easier.
Key features:
Sort MP3 music (Automatically)
(all your MP3 music will be sorted, fast and easy);
Sort MP3 music Exactly As You Want
(by artist, album, genre, song name-variety of MP3 music sorting methods available);
Sort MP3 music qualitative
(are used all MP3 music tags, including ID3v1, ID3v2, ID3v3,etc.);
Sort MP3 music fast
(even if you have thousands of MP3 music files - all they will be sorted in several minutes);
Sort MP3 music anywhere
(on your computer and notebook, CD/DVD disks and many other places);
Sort MP3 music of all types
(all MP3 music formats are supported);
Sort MP3 music easily
(with user-friendly wizards);
Sort MP3 music and music of all other types
(all music will be sorted - including all types of MP3, AC3, OGG, etc. - more than 684 music formats total);
Sort MP3 music and All other files
(all is supported - sort any types of music, photos, videos and other media with one program)
Want all your MP3 music to be sorted - fast and exactly as you want? Then download and use MP3 Music Sorter, the easiest way to get your MP3 music to be sorted. MP3 Music Sorter - let all your MP3 music to be in Ideal Order!
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MP3 Music Sorter
MP3 Music Sorter
Version 6.80
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